How to Delete Tiktok Account in 2020

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TikTok: It’s not about teenagers, it’s about children The TikTok app claims to be a platform for young people. In fact, it’s secretly about children. Caution is advised with the supposedly harmless digital bouncy castle.

Delete Tiktok Account

The perfect embodiment of the mainstream: TikTok Queen Charli D’Amelio dances for her almost 50 million “players”.
Screenshots of a TikTok compilation on Youtube Berlin A dance is around the world – it’s called “Renegade”. It is a formation dance. To do this, millions of children swing their forearms to the right and left, circle them around and wave their hands in front of their faces. Each child fidgets alone, at the dining table, at the bus stop. It looks funny, like little cute fish on the hook.

But why do they all wriggle the same way? Which gigantic choreography do the children follow? Your counterpart is not a human being, but the Chinese app TikTok hashtags, an artifact made from algorithms and marketing tools. Hardly a child with a smartphone can avoid it. Here you dance according to the rhythm of the machine. It only goes for a few seconds.

TikTok has been around for four years. The company behind it is called ByteDance, based in Beijing, and is one of the most expensive start-ups in the world. Hardly any app has received such an influx within such a short time. For more info about tiktok bookmark TikTok is currently the biggest phenomenon on the web. With one billion users per month, the app has overtaken competitors like WhatsApp.

TikTok offers children and teenagers music set pieces, commercial hits, filters and cutting tricks with which they can make short dance or fun videos. Thanks to the lip synchronization, the films are reminiscent of karaoke performances. Of course, users make their self-made videos available to the company. Then choose carefully. Teams of employees called “moderators” decide according to the company’s specifications and sort by country which video snippets go into which drawer, what is pushed, what cannot be deleted and what needs to be deleted. The rest is done by algorithms.

It is extremely difficult to get a closer look at how the company works. There is also no organization chart on request. While TikTok lives on data, there is little data about itself exposed. Number of employees? The user? Sales and profit? Will not be answered on request. TikTok is highly non-transparent, the user is glass.

Pushing, it seems, at least if you take a closer look at the TikTok stars, who is not too young or too old, not too ugly, who does not come from a poor district, does not have a shabby apartment, who does not convey political messages, who nowhere teases. The most successful TikTokers end up in the “For you” feed, where they can be seen immediately by everyone. They get an audience of millions and thus become celebrities in the TikTok bouncy castle and far beyond.

Because the smooth baits are best suited to attract new schools of small fish. The company has invented new names for customers and products. Instead of users, the wriggling fish at TikTok are called “Creator”. The bait is the “tiktoks”, short video clips. Whoever follows them is no longer a “follower”, but rather a “player”. Their biggest wish is to land on the hook, to be a pre-fool, a real creator, followed by thousands or even millions.

TikTok is much more than just a video platform, it is a social media community in which the dancing children and adolescents can exchange information, of course according to the rules of the app. If a hit is selected particularly often to accompany your own video, it goes viral. Like the Renegade Dance to the music of the rapper K. Camp.

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