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Millions of youngsters are already singing, dancing and playing on Tiktok if you want free tiktok followers in a quick way then must try it now more and more companies are discovering the platform. This is regularly confronted with accusations of censorship. You have to assume that China has access to the data.

Tiktok App

A couple who shows a dance choreography, a mountain panorama in the Bernese Oberland, a teen who moves his lips to a pop song – all this is Tiktok. According to the Sensor Tower platform, the app received over 220 million downloads last year. Only Whatsapp was downloaded more often.

Users can publish short videos with music on Tiktok. As with other social platforms, you can follow profiles and videos YOUTUBEWhat are young people watching all the time?that please you with a little heart.

According to the online blog Futurebiz, almost 70 percent of Tiktok users are between 16 and 24 years old. How reliable the numbers are is unclear. Officially, you can only register in the app from the age of 13 , but younger children will probably also notice that they can trick at the date of birth.

Switzerland’s Most Successful Tiktoker

It is clear that the app at teenagers PUBERTYHow should parents deal with their teenagers?is in trend. Daniel Süss, media psychologist at the ZHAW in Zurich confirms this. “Tiktok covers many interests of young people, such as music, humor or games .” In addition, they could stage themselves with the videos and show off their skills. But you have to differentiate between users who watch videos and those who produce them.

Noemi Le belongs to the latter. She has posted over 9,000 videos on Tiktok under the name NoemiNikita. Mainly there are instructions for special video effects, pranks between her and her boyfriend and short karaoke interludes. With 4.1 million followers, the WINTERTHUR CITY POLICE”The sheep has learned nothing from the incident”, the 17-year-old is the most successful Tiktokerin in Switzerland. As a child, she liked to sing, dance and make videos. “The app simply combines everything,” Noemi writes by email. Your schedule is too full for a phone call.

Too high advertising density on Instagram and Facebook Tiktok is no longer just Noemi’s hobby, but also her job since she graduated from the district school. “I am basically my own company and I really enjoy it.” Noemi gets money for advertising her company and their products on her profile . This is already common on Instagram, but rather new on Tiktok.

Daniel Koss, founder of the social media agency Yxterix, sees this as a success factor for the app. “The fact that Tiktok is now so big is only half due to the app itself and primarily the failure of Facebook and Instagram. The advertising density there is just too high. » Koss, who arranges advertising between influencers INFLUENCERSThe self-seller and companies, hopes that Tiktok does not make this mistake.

“Tiktok is still not among the top ten most used apps among young people today.”

Noemi Le is no longer under contract with an agency, she decides for whom she advertises. She does that in addition to her core task of producing short films. The rule is: “At Tiktok you have to post at least one new and good video every day.” Sometimes it can be stressful. Up to 30 million people see Noemis content, which has made it famous: “People on the street often recognize me and speak to me.”

Surprising, because according to a federal government survey in 2019 , only around ten percent of 12 to 19 year olds use Tiktok in Switzerland. Daniel Süss, who regularly conducts studies on the media behavior of children and adolescents, says: «Tiktok is still not among the top ten most used apps among adolescents. But it is something that is increasing very much. »

The app is now relevant Noemi Le has been using Tiktok since she was 14 and can now make a good living from it. It is therefore rather the exception in Switzerland. “Not enough brands have noticed Tiktok yet,” says social media expert Koss. But now you are at the point where the app starts to become relevant for advertisers.

This confirms media psychologist Süss: “You can reach the younger generation on Tiktok, which is why more and more brands are trying to position themselves on the platform.” Here it is important that children learn to recognize formats of non-obvious advertising and the intentions behind it. That is the task of media education. “This is how children learn how to finance platforms that are free at first glance,” says Süss.

Ursula Sury is familiar with data, the currency in the world of free apps. She is a data protection law expert and professor of computer science and law at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. “In the terms and conditions you can see that Tiktok has given its users a lot of consent.” Using the data recorded in this way, data PROTECTION ON THE INTERNET.How to protect your data from Google & Co.would create individual user profiles, which means that advertising can be played out more specifically. «Of course this is extremely valuable for Tiktok. But it can lead to attempts to influence political decision-making. »

Tiktok belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance, which is said to be very close to the Chinese state . The app has to deal with allegations of censorship time and time again. For example, in November 2019: In a video, the youth Feroza Aziz spoke about the Chinese camps in which Uyghurs are held. The video went viral and soon disappeared from the app. Tiktok justified the whole thing with a technical glitch and put the video back online a few days later.

“It doesn’t really matter whether you use Chinese, Russian or American apps.”

Political advertising ELECTION CAMPAIGN ON SOCIAL MEDIAHow will Facebook influence the elections in Switzerland?is prohibited on Tiktok. The fact that young people express themselves politically in Tiktok videos is becoming increasingly common, especially in the USA. According to media psychologist Süss, things are different in Switzerland. “The youngsters primarily seek entertainment on Tiktok, not political information.”

However, it should be welcomed that political debate takes place where young people are. “But only if they are not propaganda or misleading statements.” Tiktok uses special technologies to find inappropriate content in the app. In addition, moderators check problematic content and delete it if necessary.

Daniel Koss advises the influencers who are under contract with him: “Stay away from political statements!” These are not good for community building and brand cooperation. It is an exception if the political opinion clearly belongs to the identity of the influencer.

Whether political content and allegations of censorship become a problem for Tiktok? In February 2019, the German twins Lisa and Lena Mantler deleted their Tiktok profile with over 32.7 million followers. The reason: «We don’t want to support an app that isn’t secure.» Her profile had been the largest on the platform. “I think it will be crucial whether the app can position itself independently of China,” says social media expert Koss. “Above all, parents don’t want their children’s data to be stored in a Chinese app.”

Data protection expert Sury regards this distrust as justified: “One has to assume that the Chinese state has access to the information. DATA PROTECTIONWho can know what about me?has, and this could be an issue especially for people in or near China. » When asked about the allegations, Tiktok writes: «The Chinese government has no access to Tiktok user data. These are stored and processed in the United States and Singapore. »

Koss doubts that data is handled more carefully in America than in China. “It doesn’t really matter whether they’re Chinese, Russians or Americans.” Sury agrees: “The United States justify its data collection by combating terrorism, but it comes down to the same thing.” Data would be kept and, depending on the case, used by the secret services.

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