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Just as Mark said, I recommend attempting to use the username in replacement of the email address and if that doesn’t work then I would contact customer support. Be sure to provide plenty of information and validation when contacting customer support! Social engineering and hackers are a threat to major companies like this and attempt to call/email tik tok with the suggestion that they were locked out of their account despite not owning the account in the first place which is how they break into an account. So, TikTok is prepared against these people and for your best interest provide as much information as possible so you’re not believed to be a malicious user trying to break into an account.

The children and teenagers swipe their smartphones at breathtaking speed. You don’t have to register on TikTok. Anyone who has downloaded the app – which is free and child’s play – can view everything right away. It is extremely tempting. Vistit us daily for more freetiktokfollower The TikTok world is a children’s paradise, although the platform is officially only allowed from 13 – which is still a child’s age under German law. The app store says 12 +. TikTok seems to be made for children, because they can be found in this world: it has the simplest dances ready, funny pranks, animal films, tricks, make-up tips.

Everything seems nice, harmless and happy. The dancing creators are preppy, the girls are nicely made up with straw-colored multicolored fingernails, often belly-free, the boys mostly in jogging outfit. The backdrop is usually your own home, nicely furnished, the walls white, the kitchens fairly empty and clean, from time to time a crumpled mother shows up in the background. The TikToks seem to come from an inner world, as if Corona had always existed. It is the inner world of the mainstream where the TikToker are at home.

In spite of its infantile character, there is one word in this global children’s bouncy castle that is seldom used: children. The company strives to speak of young people as much as possible. A German spokeswoman writes that the target group is the 18 to 30 year old users. But why does TikTok look so childish? Heidi Klum looks on her TikTok account like a clown over glasses that are too big, soccer stars like Lewandowski clumsily wobble through the picture, the self-made sketches of the users under the hashtag of a mail order company’s advertising campaign tend to make first graders laugh.

Could it be that everyone is fishing for children, but nobody likes to admit it? The American TikTok asterisk Coco Quinn, for example, wears his hair bleached, lasciviously sucks on an ice cream and is made up as if she were a teenager. She is eleven. It’s not a secret either. Is Coco a role model for eighteen year olds? Or for eight year olds?

In Germany, children can also get advice on TikTok. For example, with a man who calls himself “Mr. lawyer” there. This gentleman, with a thick watch, tie and office furniture in the background, always does “a minute of law” for his followers and also answers children’s questions here. Over a million young viewers are already following him. When was it allowed to start using TikTok? The lawyer looks impishly at his camera and suspects that many of the questioners might be only twelve.

He will also be happy to give tips on request. For example, what to do when the players see half-naked women. There are numerous female teenagers on TikTok who are extremely body-hugging. After all, there is a lot of dancing here. So what to do if you come across porn, explains lawyer. There is nothing he can do, he says, but you should report it to the company yourself. Problem solved.

With Mr. Lawyer, the minute is up again, but he can always be reached. Not by email, not even by phone, but via TikTok. This seems to work as well as the Hamelin Pied Piper. TikTok is especially useful for people like Herr Rechtsanwalt or Coco Quinn. What matters is your own reach. Catch in your own network. Everyone is their own start-up here.

There is another striking blemish that reveals a lot about the mechanism of TikTok. It’s not so much a mistake as the price of courtesy. A lot, it seems, that is not so nice and smooth is pushed away by the marketing team or by the algorithms. When watching the videos, it looks like a fat teenager has less chances than a thin one, a spotty one less than a make-up, a poor one less than a wealthy and a black one less than a white one. Officially, the company wants to protect users from bullying. Critics call this “ghosting”: pushing someone away because he or she could not sell so well.

The best example is the Renegade dance. He washed a fifteen-year-old white teen on TikTok all the way to the front: Charli D’Amelio. She is considered the TikTok Queen with almost 50 million followers. Like many others, she’d seen the dance with a year old girl from Atlanta, Jalaiah, who can dance much better, but is black. Your room isn’t as nice as Charli’s either. And their choreography too complicated. Of course, protecting the copyright of covered short dances is almost impossible.

In this case, however, the “New York Times” even reported about it in February. The PR professional Charli D’Amelio then invited the girl to a joint TikToken. Obviously, TikTok is not about who can dance best, it’s not about originality or art. It’s about finding the perfect mainstream. The mediocrity that doesn’t overwhelm anyone, but still attracts most.

Charli D’Amelio is the perfection of this claim. She dances well, but in a way that everyone can imitate. She is not dressed too liberally, has a perfect permanent grin, a pretty sister, presentable white parents, a nice home. This can be optimally exploited on TikTok. So it is not just the followers who decide who gets ahead. It is above all the company.

The harmless facade is deceptive. If you have a TikTok account, you can also receive comments. Cybergrooming opens the door, i.e. the harassment of children through verbal abuse by adults. Two years ago, the federal and state competence center for the protection of children and adolescents documented attacks on TikTok on the Internet.

Adults had used comments to try to guide minors in sexual activity. That is why the company has only wanted to allow the comment function since April at the age of sixteen. Bullying is also common. You can read in the Bravo how much Charli D’Amelio is currently suffering from it. The lesson that children could draw from it: Can’t be that bad if you are rich and famous for it.

The worst for the company, however, are apparently political statements. Here the app differs remarkably from other social networks. Because there is hardly anything political here. Which is surprising when the target group is 18 to 30 years old. The company does not want to accept this and points out, among other things, that the “Tagesschau” is now also on TikTok. Whoever listens to the news announcer Jan Hofer there, however, feels almost like on “Sesame Street”.

If you enter “Joshua Wong”, the name of one of the most prominent student leaders of the protest movement in Hong Kong, where TikTok is also used, you will find a few people with the same or similar names, but with tiny follower numbers and zero videos. Is nobody interested in Joshua Wong on TikTok? Even hashtags like Falun Gong or Tiananmen have hardly any followers on TikTok. From Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to Reporters Without Borders, many have their doubts whether censorship is not taking place here. Officially, the company says that neither censored nor data is released to China.

But there is a teenage girl who tipped TikTok. To do this, she had to behave like a conspirator. It’s American Feroza Aziz. In a short video that looks like she’s giving makeup tips, she asks her followers to find out about the Chinese state’s oppression of the Uighurs. She says that as she straightens her eyelashes. Her account was shut down shortly afterwards. Officially, the company claimed other reasons. But the press had reported extensively.

Now the clip can be seen again. But not in China. Because there is no TikTok in the Middle Kingdom. Not even in Hong Kong. Here ByteDance provides a similar app called Douyin. Are Chinese children allowed to interview a lawyer and admire premature Lolitas like Coco Quinn? Why is TikTok around the world but not in China? What is the difference between Douyin and TikTok? TikTok Germany says you should inquire about ByteDance.

Zhang Yiming, the billionaire founder of TikTok
Photo: IC Photos
One should know the differences. Chinese Zhang Yiming, founder of ByteDance and developer of TikTok, with an estimated net worth of $ 16 billion. The late thirties studied at a Chinese elite university. He then worked for Microsoft, among others. A half sentence on his Wikipedia entry draws attention. At Microsoft, he felt hampered by the company’s corporate rules.

The man created his own empire in the People’s Republic of China. Nobody seemed to hinder him here. Yiming has built a gigantic puppet theater. The show is already running and the ranks are getting fuller and bigger. You don’t see who pulls the strings. A ghost is around the world. But it doesn’t look like communism. It looks like our kids. They dance.

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