How to Download TikTok Videos in a Private Mode

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With a help of you can get million of followers in TikTok and can download private videos. Lisa and Lena have a new TikTok account In the app TikTok, which initially was called that were twins Lisa and Lena with lipsync videos to social media stars.

Last year there was the surprising shock message for the roughly 30 million followers of the two: they have deleted their successful account! At least as surprising is her comeback now. The 17-year-olds are back on TikTok – with a brand new account. In the video we show how the two celebrate their return to their home platform.

A year ago, they stopped using TikTok, our interests are changing and the way we want to communicate with you, our community,” wrote the two about their TikTok farewell a year ago. Since then, they have focused on Youtube, Twitch and Instagram, where they have 15 million subscribers. The two of them don’t seem to care about the number of followers. In any case, they revealed in the interview at the time that they hadn’t planned to become stars through social media –  they were actually aiming for an acting career.

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They justify their Comeback

The two reveal on their new channel that not only did the changed interests lead to their departure, but they also lost the fun of it when the original Musically app became TikTok. Now, however, they are back because they noticed during the Corona period that TikTok had changed, as had their view of it. Their over 30 million followers are now gone, but after a few hours the “new” community has grown to over half a million – and they are celebrating with their fans.

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TikTok is a real hype among teenagers. And even if it’s fun – the app should be used with caution. Again and again trends and challenges make  the round, which the kids may regret later. That’s why parents should always keep an eye on it.

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